A Real State Troper

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Welcome to new Matchu pages, at long last. It’s kinda sad that this comic is the first Matchu posted in 2014, and it’s New Years Eve. Lets see how long I last. Hopefully this will be the last hiatus for a while.

Anyhoo, I’d like to take a minute to advertise the Matchu TV Tropes page, which I’ve been sustaining on my own.


It’s been up for quite some time now actually, but it’s been kinda devoid of any real editing besides me myself. I got one edit once, but it was a namespace edit. Go figure.

See, my problem was that for the longest time I thought it’d seem narcissistic of me to write a TV Tropes page of my own stuff, but I kinda ended up doing so anyway out of boredom and to spread the word back when the comic was still on DeviantART.

So if you’re a Troper who reads Matchu and you’d like to help out.