Have you seen this Girl?


So as a little Easter Egg for my own amusement, I’ve been sticking my favorite character from anything ever, Ayumu Kasuga, AKA Osaka, from Azumanga Daioh as a hidden cameo in many of my comics.

osaka model

Osaka in my current art style as of this writing.

Osaka isn’t near the only running easter egg in Matchu (Jamjars, Yuki Nagato, Pizzachu, Phineas and Ferb, and the little smiley face symbol next to the signature in every comic also make many hidden appearances, among other gags and eggs), but her’s are the most frequent and have become practically a tradition at this point. Recently, to spice things up, other Azumanga Daioh characters and references are appearing as well.

If you managed to find this page, then you are free to learn of the secrets of the Hidden Osakas. However, if you’d rather find them for yourself, don’t read any further!

Can you find Osaka hidden in these Matchu comics?


The Hidden Osaka Master List (Will try to update often, so check back every once in a while)

Matchu pg 8

Osaka is on the line to the bus.
It’s the only Osaka cameo in the first storyline

Record part 1

Osaka is seen in the crowd of mall patrons in the first panel, coming out from the left. She’s also on one of the record covers.

Record part 2

Osaka appears again on a record cover.


Osaka is in the background sitting at one of the tables in the first panel.

Amber Alert page 3

Osaka is in the background of the final panel walking on the street behind Famine.

Amber Alert page 7

Osaka sits behind Chu, Ziff and Rei on the bus.

Amber Alert page 11

An Osaka doll sits on Chu’s desk.

Amber Alert page 12

The Osaka doll makes another appearance on Chu’s desk.

Amber Alert page 13

Osaka appears in the second panel, walking away from the Disney Store.

Amber Alert page 14

The Osaka doll disappears, but a crude doodle of her can be barely seen in the mass of scribbles in the sixth panel.

Amber Alert page 20

Matchu and Chu are watching Azumanga Daioh on their TV, and Osaka is on-screen.

Amber Alert page 21

An Osaka magnet is on the refrigerator in the background.

Amber Alert page 29

An Osaka doll attends Famine’s tea party.

Amber Alert page 30 

Chu’s Osaka doll returns to it’s place on the desk.

Amber Alert page 31

Another appearance of the doll on Chu’s desk.

Amber Alert page 34

The fridge magnet makes another appearance.

Morning Routine

An Osaka toy is one of the objects Amber pulls out of her hair.

Space Cops page 3

Osaka is on one of the screens in the window of the TV store

Space Cops page 4

One of the headlines on the news ticker reads “Actress Ayumu Kasuga starts dispute over cameo appearances in mediocre webcomics”
Despite this, one of the PEZ Dispensers has Osaka’s head on it.

Space Cops page 7

An outline of Osaka’s head can be seen within the scribbles in the background of Famine’s imagination.

Space Cops page 11

The pink graffiti in the first panel is of Osaka’s hair.

Space Cops page 12

The Osaka graffiti appears again.

Space Cops page 13

Lala and Wheezy’s “peace offering” includes the Osaka PEZ dispenser

Space Cops page 14

A very tiny Osaka toy is on the desk in the last panel.

Space Cops page 15

The tiny Osaka toy appears again.

Skyward Scorned

The sign on the house in the background reads “Osaka” in Hylian.

Repressed Memory

The young Amber has an Osaka doll next to her in bed.

The Janitorjars page 3

The triumphant return of Chu’s Osaka doll.

The Janitorjars page 5

Jamjars’ locker door has a photo of Osaka on it.

The Janitorjars page 6

The Osaka doll on Chu’s desk shoud get it’s own tag at this point.

Matchu 100

The Hylian sign from Skyward Scorned appears in the “clip show” of times Matchu and Amber were on panel together. Otherwise I actually tried to avoid any Osaka cameos because it seemed more poignant if no one other than Matchu and Amber appeared in this strip, hence the shadowed bullies and Famine being blurred.

Cooking part 1

The fridge magnet makes barely visible reappearance.

Cooking part 2

A box of Osaka-Bits is in Matchu’s pantry. I put more effort into the box than I should have

The Gift of No Gab page 2

Osaka is sitting in a booth in the background.

The Gift of No Gab page 7

Osaka goes back to her cameo roots with an appearance in the background at the mall.

The Gift of No Gab page 9

Azumanga Daioh action figures line the racks at the toy store. The unobstructed box has Osaka in it.

The Gift of No Gab page 17

Osaka appears on a poster in the elevator. I once again put more effort into it than I should have

Also, for an Azumanga Daioh reference not revolving around Osaka, the brand of camera Loison is using is called “Sakaki”.

Photobomb Part 1

The Shikkari poster appears again, and Rei is using a Sakaki camera.

Photobomb Part 2

Four of the photos on the wall are screenshots from the Azumanga Daioh anime. Osaka appears in two of them. One in the very top left corner is pretty clear, but the other right behind Talia is very blurred so you can’t make her out.
The other two photos feature Sakaki.

Photobomb Part 3

The Azumanga prints reappear. The one with Osaka is, again, very blurry, so it’s hard to make out, albeit a little easier due to the larger size. Only one of the prints appear though due to the camera angle.

Photobomb Part 4

Last appearance of the Azumanga prints. Both prints with Osaka appear this time.

Toy Raider Page 2

Osaka is at the back of the line in the second panel.

Toy Raider Page 3 

There’s an Osaka in almost every panel! Because of this, she’s very obstructed, so you really gotta look for her.
Panel one has her at the back of a crowd, standing behind the lady with the blue hat.
Panel two has her barely visible in the crowd, behind the two guys with the black and green shirts.
Panel three has her seen from the back on the far right.
Panel five has an Osaka Nomobo along all the Hoodmans. The box is obstructed by word bubbles in panels four and six,
And finally, panels seven and eight have Osaka standing behind Amber.

Toy Raider Page 4

Osaka is standing behind Amber.

Toy Raider Page 5

In the first panel, Osaka is standing behind Amber
Third panel, the Osaka Nomobo box is visible.

Toy Raider Page 6

Osaka is on the back of the Nomobo boxes.

Toy Raider Page 7

Osaka toys are on the shelves behind the nerds attacking Matchu. She’s also on the back of the Nomobo box, but Matchu’s finger makes her barely visible.

Toy Raider Page 8

Osaka is a cashier.

Toy Raider Page 10

Osaka on the back of the Nomobo box is seen again.

Toy Raider Page 11
Toy Raider Page 12
Toy Raider Page 13

Osaka graffiti is on the wall in the alley.

Toy Raider Page 14

The Osaka graffiti is still on the wall. This time the opposite wall is seen, and graffiti of Chiyo-Chan (another Azumanga Daioh character) is sprayed on it.

Toy Raider Page 15

Amber’s phone has a picture of Osaka screened on the back of it.

Toy Raider Page 16

Continuing the running gag, graffiti of Sakaki is on the side of the yellow building Amy and Amber are in front of. Osaka herself is again on the back of the Nomobo box.

The Psychic part 1

The back case of Rei’s phone has Osaka on it.

Arcade part 1

An Azumanga Daioh arcade cabinet is one of the games on display. I put more effort into it than I should have
azumanga arcade

Arcade part 2

The Azumanga Daioh arcade cabinet is back, and is joined by a pinball table this time. I DIDN’T put effort into it. I was in a hurry, fucking sue me.

Guest Comic #4: Alan Solivan

Guest Osaka Cameo! Matchu drops an Osaka doll. It changes expression in a few panels.

Space Cops: Cow Down Page 1

A turnaround of Osaka is on the computer screen.

Space Cops: Cow Down Page 6

Osaka graffiti is on the building to the left, in an alley.

Space Cops: Cow Down Page 7

Osaka graffiti is on the wall over the trash can.

Five Years!

Osaka is peeking out from behind Bea Arthur.

Space Cops: Cow Down Page 9

Osaka walks in from the right of the final panel.

Space Cops: Cow Down Page 14

Osaka is in the foreground of the fourth to last panel, on the far right..

Space Cops: Cow Down Page 17

Same as page 7, since it’s the same location

Space Cops: Cow Down Page 19

An Osaka decal is on the back window of Jay’s truck.