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Alan Solivan, who you may remember as Mr. OMA from Fireball20Xl, the man behind “The Rogues Gallery”, “Author Space”, and “The Fallout Shelter”, former artist of “Fetch Quest” and “Samurai Pizza Cats: COLD”, and a very good friend of mine, has fallen upon some hard financial times.

Since he’s nose deep in commission orders, so many that he can’t do an art drive, he’s instead decided to put his recently resurrected Lets Play channel “Lameplay Theater” to good use, and started up a Patreon for it.

Lameplay Theater has no shortage of episodes and games to watch, with games new and old, from “Ducktales” to the “Batman Arkham” series, and he’s been kicking the Lets Play ball around long before Arin and Jon/Dan ever did.
Whether he’s fumbling with the jumps in “Ice Climber”, or doing a improv-heavy pro-wrestling commentator act with a buddy of his in his “One Piece: Pirate Warriors” playthroughs, I can guarantee that this guy will provide hours of entertainment, high quality gameplay footage, and will¬†actually read the fucking hint boxes.

So please, help the guy out. If you have five dollars to spare, he’ll personally thank you in a monthly video.

15 bucks and he’ll give you a playlist of upcoming episodes

25 bucks and you can pick out what game he’ll play next.

30 bucks? Commentate with him on a Lameplay

50 bucks and you can be co-commentator for an entire playthrough!

So help this guy out, if you can, HERE

And do enjoy his large stable of playthroughs at his YouTube channel, HERE