Maleificent Review *SPOILERS*

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I’m curious to know if the filmmakers behind “Maleficent” even watched “Sleeping Beauty” beforehand, or if they just caught a YouTube clip of Maleficent cursing the baby Aurora and decided “Yep, we could totally write a superhero movie about this chick.”

I mean, it wasn’t unbearable, but after 70 years of “Maleficent is the biggest baddest bad guy ever”, now you’re trying to convince me she’s a hero?

The one and only part where Maleficent, who the trailers made out to be a big badass force of evil, does anything remotely villainous was cursing Aurora, which was taken nearly scene for scene from the original movie. But other than that, that’s about it. There’s not a trace of the evil witch, who for nearly a century has been regarded as one of the scariest villains in cinema, available beyond a sarcastic nature and some pranks.

Even the climax felt very “superhero-ish”, and she loses her cape, making Maleficent look like she’s wearing a spandex suit, which in turn made her resemble Catwoman.
It got to the point where I wouldn’t have been surprised if, after the credits, Nick Fury came up to her and invited her into the Avengers.

Also, and spoiler alert here, she doesn’t even turn into a dragon. Her raven sidekick does. What the hell was THAT?

It also bugged me how the Three Faries, when in fairy form, looked like they came out of Shrek.