Five Years!

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The best webcomic ever is having an anniversary this year!
That’s right! Nedroid is turning 11!

But MY comic is having a milestone!

Holy crap you guys! It’s been five years! This comic has been going since 2011 all the way into 2016!

It’s been a bumpy ride, and there have been some setbacks, but otherwise, I’m actually amazed I’ve been able to keep this up this long.

I would like to thank all of you lovely people who’ve stuck with me through it all. Whether you’ve been here since the beginning, are a more recent reader, or someone who has found this page for the first time and has no idea what the hell I’m talking about, thank you for reading and laughing along with me, Matchu and Amber since 2011.

I’m having some festives going on on my Deviantart page, such as the full sized version of this picture and a Q&A. Feel free to check it out!