Bottom 6: Bad Video Game Character Redesigns

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So I’m going to let some of my character design nerdery out, if that’s alright with you fine folks. Hopefully this won’t come off as fanboy griping or anything of the like. I just wanted to do some observational writing based on a field I feel I’m pretty well versed in. By that I mean character design. I don’t know shit about making video games.

Video game characters, at least the more uniquely designed ones, seem to have a bit of a bad habit. A minor epidemic if you will.
Often a character will have a great design, or have a design that at first doesn’t seem right before being slowly tinkered with through art style evolution that it starts to come along into a good or great design. Iconic, recognizable and fun.

Then they have to go and fuck it up.

Eventually, the series runners decide they need to, or just want to for whatever reason, take the series in a new direction, and with that, new designs for all the characters.

Sometimes this can work out, and the new design becomes the new standard for the character. Take for instance Pac Man’s transformation from non-descript pizza pie shape to his limbed pie-eyed redesign in the Pac Man World games.

Other times? Well, hit the read more and I’ll tell ya


A Real State Troper

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Welcome to new Matchu pages, at long last. It’s kinda sad that this comic is the first Matchu posted in 2014, and it’s New Years Eve. Lets see how long I last. Hopefully this will be the last hiatus for a while.

Anyhoo, I’d like to take a minute to advertise the Matchu TV Tropes page, which I’ve been sustaining on my own.

It’s been up for quite some time now actually, but it’s been kinda devoid of any real editing besides me myself. I got one edit once, but it was a namespace edit. Go figure.

See, my problem was that for the longest time I thought it’d seem narcissistic of me to write a TV Tropes page of my own stuff, but I kinda ended up doing so anyway out of boredom and to spread the word back when the comic was still on DeviantART.

So if you’re a Troper who reads Matchu and you’d like to help out.

Christmas Conundrum.

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So now that Christmas is upon us once again, and those classic specials are airing and ABC is cutting the best parts out of A Charlie Brown Christmas so they can play more commercials, as is tradition, I gotta ask.

What was wrong with the Doll on the Island of Misfit Toys?

All the other misfit toys all had something obviously wrong with them. The Jack-in-the-Box’s name was actually Charlie, the water pistol shot jelly, the train had square wheels, the elephant was pink and polka dotted.

What was the Doll’s deal?

I remember there being a version of the special where she cries ice cubes or something, but they don’t show that one anymore. I read there was a version where she was weird because she cried real tears whereas other toys can’t, which is a terrible message so they got rid of that. Someone on reddit recalled her saying she’s a Raggedy Ann doll that isn’t raggedy. Got rid of that too.

So now there’s a completely normal, totally adorable doll who would be perfect under any little girl’s tree, sulking for being a freak on a frozen island in the middle of freaking nowhere.

Apparently, according to Word of God, the Doll was added in at the last minute, so they couldn’t come up with an obvious problem right off the bat. So what was their solution? The Doll’s problem is completely psychological.

I gotta say, that’s pretty fucking dark for a Rakin-Bass special. She’s a Misfit and put into exile because she’s mentally disturbed? Damn! I dunno about you guys, but I would have just taken the ice cube tears.

Then again ice cube tears must be pretty fucking painful, which in turn would just cause more psychological problems. 

Okay this is getting too dark. Let’s change the topic.

What the FUCK is wrong with Kris Kringle’s face?

That is some Exorcist shit right there. Like, watch the special and count how many times this dude doesn’t emote at all beyond opening his mouth to one side and dilating his pupils.

Also, The Grinch did nothing wrong.

Look at this fucking thing! It’s like it was specifically invented to make as much noise as possible! I dunno about you guys, but I’d get pretty pissed off too if my neighbors were playing this monstrosity day in and day out.

And the less said about Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer the better.


Fuck it, I’ll stick with the chopped up Charlie Brown Christmas. Better than A SOLID MINUTE OF THE WORDS “GRANDPA’S GONNA SUE THE PANTS OFF OF SANTA” OVER AND OVER.

Anyhoo, have a Merry December, everyone!

For want of a Caption.

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Something that’s becoming increasingly frustrating as a hard-of-hearing guy is how sites that used to write articles with visual text are replacing the writing with videos and podcasts. Purely auditory.

See, this is a problem because without captions or a transcript, I can’t follow along unless the person really enunciates or they’re Stephen Colbert. Somehow I can always understand what that dude is saying.

Incredibly clear speaking must be one of his patriotic superpowers.

I’m not usually one to complain about lack of inclusiveness, but it’s getting old when I’m on a news or reviewing site or a site for articles or rants like Cracked or Maddox, and I click the link to read the article…. and it’s a video. And if there IS text to go with it, it’s either a quick description or extra asides to go along with the real meat in the video. And about 3/4 of the time the dude in the video is talking a mile a goddamn minute or mumbles like a marble mouthed drunk.

There’s one way to fix this, of course, and that’s to subtitle videos. YouTube has a function that allows people to add captions to their videos in as many languages as they want, or even allow viewers to caption the videos for them.

However, nobody really takes advantage of this or wants to put the effort down, leaving us poor hearing impaired saps to have to use the… ugh… Automatic Transcriptions…

My hovercraft is full of eels!

I think it’s apparent Automatic Transcriptions aren’t the solution here. They DO work on incredibly rare occasions, other times it comes up with new names for tertiary My Little Pony characters.

The funny thing is they actually merchandise this guy as “Steven Magnet”. No, seriously.

You know a YouTube channel I really like? Rachel and Jun

Rachel and Jun is a sort of edutainment travel channel dedicated to teaching people about Japan, its culture, what to do if you visit, what NOT to do if you visit, the sights to see, social issues from a Japanese perspective, etc, run by an adorable American ginger girl and her equally adorable Japanese husband.

God, I want to marry both of them at the same time. So CUTE

But the thing that’s great about it is that they ALWAYS subtitle their videos in English, and allow people to subtitle them in other languages, which often happens. Not only that, but in the damn videos themselves, they have big colorful Japanese subtitles so Japanese people can watch too.

Now this is more for international inclusiveness than for those of hard of hearing people like me, but they still have English subtitles despite not even NEEDING to since almost all of their videos are in English. They even take the time to subtitle the videos where they’re just walking around a store or a restaurant or spending time together or just generally having a grand ol’ time. How freaking nice is that?

So in conclusion, not just for me, but for anyone who has trouble hearing or making out dialogue, or even those of us who are completely and totally deaf, try to take the time to subtitle your videos. And if you can’t? Allow transcriptions so viewers can do it for you. You might even get someone willing to subtitle your video in a completely different language so non-English speakers can enjoy too.

You can read about YouTube’s efforts and how to caption videos and allow others to at this link here

Put the Living Dead to Rest.

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The following article is my own dumb opinion, so feel free to agree to disagree if you’d like.

As Halloween is reaching its end and inevitable transformation into the Day of the Dead, there’s something I gotta get off my chest.

I hate Zombies.

Like, I just hate them in general. I hate the concept of Zombies.

I wouldn’t mind so much if it wasn’t everywhere all the time. Zombie media works well for Halloween.
The problem is there’s Zombie crap everywhere all year long. Every novelty store has an entire section to zombie merchandise 365 days long. Every Christmas there’s inevitably at least fifteen people drawing Zombie Santas and every Easter there’s gotta be about six Zombie Easter Bunnies.
There’s Zombie plushies and t-shirts and coffee mugs and shotglasses and more ridiculous crap like boxer shorts and ice trays. I was at the Sears about a month ago, they had a Zombie themed toolbox. Not like a toy novelty toolbox, an actual real toolbox for actual real tools.
Plus, everyone and their grandma’s dog’s mom has to do a take on the Zombie Apocalypse. You KNOW it’s gotten out of hand when Mickey Mouse and Archie Comics are playing Zombies completely straight. No kidding, there’s a Mickey Mouse short where he comes across an incredibly gruesome zombified Goofy. Goofy.

Again, though, it’s not JUST the overdose of the shambling undead that gets to me. I’ve never liked Zombies to begin with.
I’m a bit of a squeamish person when it comes to blood and gore. I can’t stand violent stuff. Zombies are basically the entire embodiment of “violent stuff”. The rotting decaying flesh is enough, but then there’s the whole ripping people to shreds and eating them alive stuff. Just… ugh, man.

But the thing I REALLY hate about Zombies is the infection thing.
One dude gets sick with a virus that turns him into a Zombie or Zombielike thing, spreads it to tons of innocent people who did not want nor ask to be turned into Zombies, it becomes an epidemic and spreads.
So obviously, instead of looking for a cure, lets just murder the fucking hell out of each and every one of them.

THAT’S the thing I hate the most about Zombies. They used to be people.
They used to be innocent people living their lives who were involuntarily, violently turned into mindless abominations through no fault of their own. This often happens after they’re brutally attacked in their own stinking homes.
So the obvious solution to this problem is to kill them for the sheer crime of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. I always end up feeling bad for the people they used to be instead of rooting for the protagonists to wipe them all out.

I’ve SEEN how people obsessed with the idea of a real life Zombie Apocalypse act. They LOVE the idea of mercilessly mowing down waves of undead. They think it’d be fun! They think mass murdering a bunch of victims of circumstance would be FUN! They seriously WANT thousands of people to undergo a hideous disease that renders them into brain dead walking corpses so they can feel the joy of a Zombie killing spree.

Fucking WOW.

I do my best to ignore it and I don’t judge anyone who likes Zombie stuff (unless they’re one of the people described above). But it also gets old seeing Zombie fanart of every last single freaking thing showing up on my social media feeds.

It’s about as inescapable as an actual Zombie apocalypse! Can we do the world a favor and hold the stinking Zombie crap in until October? Is that too much to ask?

Though funny enough, my favorite monster is the Mummy, and maybe half the time those are portrayed as basically Zombies with bandages on them.
I prefer the more Vampire-esque undead Mummies. There’s more you can do with those.

New Schedule, Guest Comics

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Hey everyone. Need to get some updates out.

As you might be aware, school has started again, and thus it’s become harder to update in a timely fashion.
I have no classes on Wednesdays, so “Matchu” will, for the time being, update on a once a week schedule on Wednesdays as opposed to the traditional twice a week schedule.

I would also like to add that we’re coming very close to the posting of the 100th comic and I’d like to have a little celebration for that. I’m starting a call for guest comics. I’m giving you guys am 8 week headstart, so any guest comics should be finished before October 29th. 
Once the 100th comic has been posted, the following weeks will be devoted to posting the best guest comics, or just guest comics in general depending on how much I get. The guest comics must feature the characters from Matchu, which is the only real rule I’m setting here.
Send them to my email at limeth(at)comcast(dot)net.

See you guys on Wednesday!